y name is Samylova Anna, I'm a mixed-media artist from Moscow, Russia. I make paintings, drawings, embroideries, collages, sketches, paper art, objects from fabric and sometimes clothes. 
I love to explore cultures and now I'm really into Russian folk culture. The reason I'm interested in it is very simple - it's my culture and we don't have much information about it. People nowadays tend to say that Russia doesn't have a unique culture. Well, I guess, we just have forgotten and missed our identity through times. That's why it seems so excited to me to find those artifacts and gather them in my art pieces. It would be amazing to give a new life for ancient rituals and crafts, to make them live in the contemporary world. 

Look at you, Azot Gallery, Cube, Moscow, 2019


Solo Exhibition, Betweenwindows Gallery, Moscow 2019


Artist Wanted, A3 Gallery, Moscow, 2019